A Destination for Centuries

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With its abundant game, stunning scenery, and strategic location, Northeast Wyoming has been a destination and a stopping place for weary travelers for as long as humans have roamed the continent. During the westward expansion of the United States, it served as a vital region for waves of immigrants. That history is proudly preserved in historic preservation districts, as well as museums and attractions that tell the story of the west.

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In more recent times, Campbell, Johnson, and Sheridan counties have enjoyed growing economies and populations, thanks in part to K-12 schools that are ranked among the highest in the nation, safe streets, and a progressive, family-friendly culture.

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Outdoor recreation is a prime pursuit in these parts. The 1.1 million-acre Bighorn National Forest draws thousands of visitors for snowmobiling, horseback riding, and hunting—or enjoying silent sports in the non-motorized Cloud Peak wilderness area.

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Art and culture are equally abundant. The small cities of Gillette, Buffalo, and Sheridan feature a vibrant, pedestrian- and bike-friendly streetscape enlivened by street festivals, historic shopping and arts districts, and other family offerings. The 9,000-seat  Cam-Plex hosts events ranging from rodeo competitions to Broadway musicals.


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